This section is in WIP.





Dev  – 02/01/2022

I still am working with Java programming to complete my todo list as showed previously and maybe later showing my progress as well 🙂


Dev  – 09/26/2021

I will study the source code with Java programming to make as additional for 3D modeling and 3D animation in later.


Todo list (In time and in ressource to make it) :

–  tools for 3D modelling : extrude, inset, bevel, loop cut, knife, subdivision surface for mesh, etc..
– adding to viewer OpenGL realtime
– animation : keyframe, ik/fk, F-curves editor, dopesheet editor, NLA editor, morph and skinning bones
– 3D rendering : improve and add more features to make more stable, robust and more fast
– material : BRDF material and nodes shaders
– physics : rigid body simulation, soft body simulation, cloths system, particles systems, boid systems
– fluid : smoke, fire and water
– etc…