Cycles for Lightwave

A plugin ported from Cycles rendering to Lightwave, it is heavily in development.


Todo : (Still in Wip)

– Material and shaders
– Retrieve for 3D models
– Rendering real time in viewport or window
– UI and button (To Panel from Lighwave SDK)
– Plugin in layout


To be working in last version of Cycles :

– Random walk Subsurface Scattering

– Unified rendering kernel for CPU and GPU

– Denoising

– Multi-GPU support

– Principled Hair BSDF/Volume

– Cryptomatte



ChangeLog :


Version 0.0.8 – (09-21-2019)

– Work in last version of Cycles (from Blender 2.80), some are implemented but it is Wip and some other are not implemented so it is in the process of work.


Version 0.0.7 – (09-10-2018)

– Two Lighwave SDK are at stake, Lighwave SDK (C programming) or Lwpp SDK (C++ programming), I choose to Lightwave SDK and then converted in C++ programming it works fine, some errors but stable than Lwpp SDK cause it works well but it has some missings to compile.


Version 0.0.5 – (01-07-2017)

– Studied and worked all features from Cycles to translate to Lightwave.


Version 0.0.0 – (10-30-2016)

– Prepared, collected some information for development and created first plugin for Lightwave from sample.

This section is Work in progress.