Game : Hunted Perdition

Release date : TBD

Platform : Windows

Commercial : Yes

Hunted Perdition is a game that inspired from Tomb raider but it is different way to play it, different story and different gameplay too. It is third person shooter, there is a lot of trap and enigma here so it is much fun and at same time it is a pleasure to see all complex graphic as Tomb raider do it !

My dev for Hunted Perdition is in wip so it takes some times to finish. The tools I will develop is Blender with BGE and Python, so it is making all from Modeling to Animation and by Interactive game in one stuff and I will try if the game engine is worth it !


Story summary :

Caroline is a 27 year old historian who is surprised by the sudden news of the mysterious disappearance of her fiancé Ryan, a well know and dedicated archaeologist, during his last unsuccessful exploration and then also given as dead. To find the truth, Caroline departs from France, her homeland, taking the same steps as her fiancé during an endless adventure that unfolds in a nightmare, with each step closer than actually happened.


I am working hard to finish this game, from the time being there is nothing to see something, sorry. Now it is a little secret for my project Hunted Perdition 🙂 , but don’t worry I will bright some news in coming soon when it is more stable and ready this game.


As being a 3D game, the game will be set on mysterious ruins of Europe, Africa and Asia, until now little explored, where artifacts are not only conveted by archeologists.