Project : Blackdot

Blackdot is a 3D software and Open source created from scratch in C++

and it is inspired by Softimage XSI.

I try to mimic for Softimage XSI from UI, some tools to make similar behavior, I am looking to integrate my PBR rendering or making and based on Cycles render from Blender.  Later I will integrate as fluid simulation, particles, cloth simulation, etc …


My developement still is in working for my own 3D modeler, animation

and rendering.





My dev – 02/01/2022

Hi, sorry I was late to wish to you a new year so… Happy New Year 2022 ! 

What’s up it now ? Well I was cleaning up to my previous words, now this year 2022 I hope to make it and have more time to finish so I am making from scratch now because before it was very messy and source code is old from Moonlight Creator… Hope you don’t mind me for that :). Good news, I have learned a lot from source code (both Moonlight creator and Blender) and I hope to make it in my own system in modern and more 3d tools as easy to make more model to fast and more complex as well. Now, I will do step by step for my dev and not sure but why not showing my progress for GUI for example in my free time 🙂

Wait and see to come more info.