Project : Blackdot

Blackdot is a fork from Moonlight Creator, it looks like Softimage.

I try to mimic for Softimage XSI from UI, some tools to make similar behavior, i am looking to integrate PBR rendering on my own if it works well or make based from Cycles. Animation is wip but disabled and i am focusing on 3D modeler tool.

This is Work in progress.






My dev #2 – 08/05/2020

Gui still is work in progress (remember I make it from my free time!), I design it carefully and I make similar to Softimage XSI but not 100 % clone 🙂
Some tools may be similar other not so I make as I can, soon I will show you a screenshot on what dev i do it. So wait and see for coming more news here 🙂 .
After finished to Gui I will start to make more tools for Modeler, Yay !


My dev #1 – 03/09/2020

My new draft branch is better now for visibility and coding more modern but there are a lot of change from scheme and system so it is heavily in wip
I will think how to compile without error for linking time because i need to be carefully to design my all classes with all variables and methods in top-down and better inheritance to work more complex to all things in OOP.

Todo :
1/ phase : Rewrite to all Gui in more modern as Softimage XSI
2/ phase : Rewrite to Modeler tools
3/ phase : Plug to Cycles in Blackdot
4/ phase : Write new to Modeler as OOP system
5/ phase : Write to Scripting editor
… more new coming

From now i am coding to a tools for common system to be ready to write for Gui and so on to other phase 2, etc..